My husband and I have just finished a 1:1 hypnobirthing course with Helen and were very impressed. Excellent value for money, some great tools for childbirth and beyond, and Helen was a wonderful teacher.

We were both surprised how quickly we took to the hypnobirthing scripts and can see how it will help us in labour.

You get some great MP3s to practice with and a book that gives you all of the information you need for the course.

Helen does the session in your home so you don't get as embarrassed practising and can feel properly relaxed.

We will update you on how labour goes but for now we're very happy with the service Helen provided and would recommend to anyone thinking about hypnobirthing that they try this out.


It isn't woo, it's just a great way to take back some self-control and help yourself to manage pain by way of relaxation techniques that work.

My partner and I signed up for 8 hours of 1-1 hypnobirthing. We loved the sessions in our home and even the dog would be chilled by the end of the sessions!

I was excited about the birth and felt like it was a challenge I was ready for.

When the time finally arrived I played my music, got into the birth pool with pretend candles lit and after just 6 hours of labour and just 3 contractions/pushes my baby was born 8lb6 happy and healthy. The midwives commented on how quickly the labour progressed being my first time and many said I should have the next at home!

It was such a beautiful and happy birth with no screaming, fear or worrying. I look back with so much love and can’t wait to do it again in the future.

Helen was brilliant, like a non judgmental friend, talking through everything in a matter of fact yet humorous way. I would recommend to anyone!

I had a fantastic mindful breastfeeding session with Helen. She is friendly and approachable and has an excellent knowledge and experience. I felt relaxed and at ease to share my journey so far and ask for advice. The mindfulness resources are fantastic and I will be using them for the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond. Thanks again!

We found the virtual mindful magic sessions extremely helpful during lockdown. Excellent tools to assist my daughter through this difficult situation. Helen is extremely caring and supportive and was able to tailor the course to meet our needs. We look forward to attending more sessions in the future. Thank you

My son has sensory processing difficulties. Helen adapted some of the activities so he could still join in but wasn't having to be in the middle of the group with anything. 

We came to the sessions and found the breathing the tools really useful at home and when at school. They were easy to do which meant my two kids could remember them when they were at school or out in other groups. If they felt their anxiety was increasing they would breath and said how much it helped them to calm and not be so worried. Def coming back when we can visit the venues again. 

I did a baby and mums Mindfullness course with Helen which was amazing. Especially during a pandemic I didn’t know how much this time was needed to relax unwind until I was there and be mindful as well as allow me to bond with my baby and other mums and babies.

Helen is so friendly and welcoming and knowledgeable and cares for your individual wellbeing not just the group as a whole. She created a safe space for you to talk and be open.

The combination of relaxation and creative / focused activities involved in the session were perfect and I have gone on to use lots of the techniques and tips I have learnt in everyday life.

I would highly recommend this group / course for anyone feeling overwhelmed by becoming a mum or just wanting some quiet time to reflect on you and your well-being.

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