Starting Solids Workshops

Price - 

  • 1-2-1     £40

  • Group  £30 pp/couple

The aim of these workshops are to help you feel confident, relaxed and enthusiastic about introducing solids to your baby.

We discuss all options, its not just about Baby Led Weaning including, 

Why introduce solid foods

When to start, what age, what time of day

What food to give: different ages, mealtimes


  • to present the food,

  • to avoid fussy eater,

  • to balance with milk,

  • do you know they are getting enough,

  • to know if they are choking or gagging


What is BLW

  • Continues from baby led breast or bottle feeding.

  • The baby is the only one to put food in to their mouth. 

  • The baby chooses what to eat and in what order.

It is not just finger food.

  • Finger food, mushed food, pureed food.

  • Can be given cutlery.


 At the end of this workshop you will

  • Understand that starting solids is a developmental stage

  • Have information about the different approaches to starting solids, enabling you to make informed decisions about what, when and how is best for your baby

  • Feel reassured that you can not get it wrong, especially if you follow your babies lead.