What to Expect Second Month

If you haven’t had morning sickness yet it may well be starting to creep in now.

You may get other symptoms even though you may not feel pregnant yet.

Heartburn: omg bananas were the worst for me

Needing a constant wee: that never seems to go at any point during pregnancy.

Boobs: they may feel tender and starting to change.

Fatigue: a general lack of energy, I remember this well. I just thought, I’m so tired all the time.

Emotional: pretty much all the way through!

You would be expecting your midwife appointment in this month too. However with the situation the way it is at the moment it may be different.

Your midwife will talk you through what the process is for you at the moment.

If at any point you have any worries talk to them or your GP. Any symptoms or unusual things you aren’t sure of do ring. No question is a silly question.

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