What to expect month seven

What might be happening this month for you.

You have just entered the third trimester; many say this is the last trimester but have you thought about the first three months after your baby has arrived? This would be the 4th trimester.

Ill be covering more on the early stages in another post and blog post.

So, this month,

How you may be feeling physically, tight across your tummy, many days I felt as if I was being stretched! You would be feeling more movement or stronger movements, nasal congestion, I really struggled with nasal congestion), leg cramps, more heartburn, although I don’t think it ever went away! How are you finding sleeping? Now your bump is growing sleeping can be more difficult. It is advised that you sleep on your side, left or right is ok, although many say that on the left allows more blood and oxygen to flow to the placenta. Once into later pregnancy you shouldn’t be sleeping on your back. This can due to where your placenta is so do ask and talk about sleep with your midwife and at your appointments.

You can also find that you feel a lot of itching across the stomach. You may also experience sudden and sharp pains in your pelvic area, you can also start to see colostrum begin to leak from your nipples, this may have happened a bit already or may not start till you have given birth.

As with all signs in pregnancy these may or may not happen and not always when others are experiencing them. Any concerns as to what you are feeling or experiencing then speak to your support group (midwives, GP’s, HV).

Emotionally it could be the excitement of getting nearer to your birth, you may be feeling more nervous or overwhelming feelings. You may be feeling more fatigued again than normal.

Your appointment will be around your 28th week and you may have a an extra one at week 31.

You may be thinking about your antenatal education now, it could be through the NHS services with your local maternity department, it could be a private birth worker like myself. In sessions we would talk about your birth plan, and giving you all your options and choices. We also talk about your postnatal plan and what support you may need once baby is with you.

Do have a look at my services and how we can look to work together.

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