What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a word going round a lot at the moment, its certainly increased since we began this year, and all have been experiencing different emotions and feelings throughout lockdown periods and restrictions being in place.

The biggest one being the social distancing. This can be really strange and really hard, I know feel rude intentionally giving people a wide path, it feels like you are purposely avoiding them (which we are) but it still feels rude and unknown.

So, one way we can help with ourselves is through Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is where we are aware of or bring our attention to the here and now. As an example, it could be when you go for a walk. Looking around and really noticing the sights and the sounds. The trees moving in the breeze, the birds signing a car going along a road in the distance. Its about seeing and hearing everything around you and taking in all the small and simple experiences around us.

Mindfulness is used in many situations, for physical health, mental health and other areas of your life. Parenting, stress at work or maybe focusing and helping concentration when competing.

It is recommended by the Department of Health and in guidelines from NICE. National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

By living in the moment, moment by moment it can help to alleviate stress and see things without judgment or worry and let us experience everything better rather than just get through life every day. It can then help us to see more clearly and focus to help us think about what we want in the future without worrying about being judged or the comparitinitis we can all experience and that we are not good enough.

Do have a look at my other post on the top benefits of practising mindfulness.

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