Online Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes? (a quick one!)

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

So many people ask me how it doing classes online. I'll be honest and say it's hard, you don't have that personal connection as much. This applies very much to the Hypnobirthing and to Mindful Magic.

Some of my Magic sessions I did a pre recording to send. This was strange as I was talking to myself!

However it doesn't mean it isn't helping you. I feel we (myself and other instructors) put in more effort, more time making sure we can keep you engaged and you have all the information you need, even if it is in electronic format. I've worked out how I can adapt and change the excercises we normally do so you can still do them at home with me on the other end of the laptop!

I try to make you feel comfortable and open to asking questions and that we have that two way conversation, which is free and easy!

Now more than ever I feel you need support and information for your birth. Its all changed, your birthing environment has changed. You can still have that plan you wanted you for your birth, it may divert along the route but I am here to help you navigate and feel strong, powerful and confident together.

Helen x

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