New Mum and Baby Groups

Beyond Birth groups are here to help you in those first few weeks as a new parent, be it first time or fifth time!

It is a guide to help parents keep their mental wellbeing in balance, using an integration of evidence-based, effective techniques and life-skills including Relaxation, Journaling, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, Aromatherapy, CBT and Breathing techniques.

There are 6 relevant themes to explore, starting from the last few weeks of pregnancy and into parenthood for the first 12 months, including Emotions, Connections, Nurture, Healing, Transformation and Nourishment.

Both the guide and groups include relaxation, reflection and connection exercises to promote wellbeing, compassion, calm, confidence and bonding with self, baby and others with a realistic, impartial viewpoint on parenting.

It’s also a good time to meet other local parents and enjoy a cuppa!!

Tomorrow I’ll talk a bit more about the groups, but our next group sessions start back again in January.

I’ll be doing pop up sessions, so to speak up to Christmas and then block bookings from January.

What benefit do you gain from sessions?

These are not therapy sessions.

Beyond Birth is designed with both parents and caregivers in mind to develop or improve simple mental coping skills, build resilience and maintain emotional balance during one of the most challenging, transformative times in human life.

The guide and groups are created to ease the transition from pregnancy into parenthood. To offer some guidance when it's most needed; learning skills to calm, soothe, and tune inwards for the answers. It’s designed to help parents find their identity (be it first or subsequent babies), and to connect with themselves, their baby and loved ones.

Focusing on psychological well-being, offering virtual support, ideas and questions to build resilience, cope with and accept the challenges, embrace the good times, learn to trust in their instincts and intuition and reach out for help if and when required.

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