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What is journalling and why would we use it

Journalling to me is just like writing in a notebook, using notes in your phones or if you’re anything like me having lots of stationery with all different pictures and colours, (I’m a little bit of a stationary addict! ) and using it as a way to write down your thoughts, feelings and emotions and get them out of your head.

It can be that sometimes we have so many thoughts and feelings going round in your head and it’s a really good way to write them down, you can then look at them in front of you.

Maybe it will give you a view to un jumbling them, helping to see something more clearly and maybe it will help you to resolve a problem or a worry that you’ve had. It may help with a decision you are trying to make.

You can use it to ask yourself questions, it could be used to write some positive affirmations, it could just be used as a diary for reflection.

I’ve always been a list writer I have a list everywhere!

I very much like a pencil and a notebook over my iPhone and I like to see and feel what I’m writing in and it’s almost like reading a book I would much rather hold a real book instead of a phone or an iPad or a Kindle

I’ve been journalling since the start of the coronavirus when we started social distancing. I carried on throughout lockdown but I lapsed a bit in September through to October and then I started writing about it again when we went into the second lock down in November.

I wrote a little bit over Christmas because I could see that we were heading for a tier 4 and then I have been writing since then as we went into this current lockdown.

To me I think it is for my little one who’s just turned three, it will be something for her to look back on, to remember all the funny and crazy and sad things we did throughout the last year and as a reminder for me for the things that we did and how we carried on how we survived, how we got through and how we could all come together in supporting each other

So journaling can have many different formats for different people, you can use it however you want and it can be a really beneficial tool to have

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