Day 100

I’ve been keeping a journal since we started social distancing but really write in it from the evening we went into lockdown, so I counted the full day on the Tuesday as the first day.

It’s been a tough 100 days, some up and some down and I’m all honesty I lost some confidence in myself.

For me, the first 60 days were probably easier than the last 40.

I had prepared in my mind we were going to go into lockdown and I had organised how I was going to manage the shopping and activities with little one.

I didn’t rush to jump online with my sessions.

I wanted to make sure what I was going to offer you and bring to you and help you with was what you needed.

Have a look on my website for the new packages.

This was the same with my Mindful Magic sessions.

So what has been happening here?

I’ve completed some training,

Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner training with Anna le Grange Mindful Breastfeeding school

Mindfulness Diploma

CACHE L2 Understanding Autism

At the beginning of the year I finished my CACHE L2 in understanding children’s mental health

This week I finished workshops for LGBTQ competency in maternity services.

Maybe I took on too much and just fell flat.

I’ve had ideas and inspiration but just not been able to them produce anything.

However, I have made some new packages up for you, they incorporate the new training.

They can be down face to face when appropriate and online.

I know a lot of us are all zoomed out but if it’s the safest way I’m happy to carry on offering this. Its also a reduced price to face to face.

Do take a look I’m always open to chatting before hand and discussing what your thoughts are and what you need.

Mindful magic is coming along, 121 sessions are still ongoing and group sessions will be back. I’m also going to start offering mindfulness for parents and a carers. You need it to!

My journal has been full, walking, cycling, I started a new fitness class once we were allowed out. I’ve used my mindful magic boxes to do the craft activities at home. I’ll

need to restock.

We’ve also been negotiating the path of moving house, it should have happened in March but then all feel through.

In the last month it’s back on track and looking forward to being back by the coast.

How has it been for you? Were there any easier parts?

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