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At Mindful Magic West Sussex I help parents and children from toddler to teens, using our 5 spells, which are easy, fun mindfulness based tools and techniques to find your inner wellbeing.

So that you can uncover your joy default to effectively focus, breathe and just simply be you. 

It doesn’t matter if your child is a cheeky, noisy wriggler or a quiet, non-talking teenager. Through the classes, we can learn to have a deeper acceptance, calm and clarity for life.

Let's uncover joy together!

We look at the Mindful Magic 5 spells, Breathe, Move, Focus, Create, Meditate

Each session has a theme and we breathe and create around that theme, talking, discussing, being and feeling. You can join in as much or as little as you want. 

I can offer you 121 sessions if you require that more personal approach, especially if I need to adapt my sessions for your child.

I run group sessions which are a maximum of 6 children in each one.

I have completed two courses at CACHE L2: in Understanding Autism and Understanding Children’s and Young Peoples Mental Health.

I have a keen interest in the Autism spectrum and how it can affect anxiety levels and social situations.

I joined Mindful Magic at the beginning of 2019 and it’s been a fabulous learning journey and I’m still learning all the time.


These bring together our five magic spells - Breathe,




Meditate - in fun, magical sessions that enable them to notice of their breath, body, thoughts and emotions, as well as uncovering resilience, self-compassion and gratitude for others.

Sessions are for

Toddlers - 2-4yrs

Young Children - 5-9yrs

Pre teens - 10-13yrs

Each session has a theme and we talk around that theme whilst doing the 5 spells. 


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