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Managing my Worries  – Age 7-11yrs

A structured 6 week workshop to educate and empower. We will build awareness in the child of themselves, the anxiety cycle and role of the brain in driving anxiety, physical indicators of rising anxiety and triggers, a control activity, two worry brainstorms, How Big Is My Worry? and a weekly calming strategy, positivity activity throughout, visual resources and tools to building coping and calming strategies, a recap plan for worries and visual resources for in the home.




The content of this 6 week workshop covers raising self-awareness and identifying triggers, awareness of the anxiety cycle, the role of the protective brain, quantifying worries to build coping skills, physical indicators of rising anxiety, negative brain bias and managing negative thoughts, an awareness of brain healthy lifestyle and culminate in creating a wellbeing plan to empower regular practices moving forward.



Friendship Skills Workshop KS1/2 (5-12yrs)

Another six week workshop, where we have discussions around what a friend is, how we would like to be a friend, activities, positive affirmation cards and certificate. A workbook will be available then serves as a reflection tool and reminder moving forward.


Sessions comprise

All About Me

What Makes a Good Friend?

When Friendships Go Wrong

Making Friends

Asking for Help

With Compliments (Positive Affirmations)


Emotional Regulation – 6-11yrs


This 6 week workshop details our emotional regulation intervention which aims to raise self-awareness, understanding of emotions and anger/anxiety cycle, physical indicators of rising emotions and develop a range of strategies. 

Improved emotion regulation leads to benefits in all areas of a child’s life. Children who are able to regulate their emotions pay more attention, work harder, and achieve more in school. They are better able to resolve conflicts with their peers and show lower levels of physiological stress.

They are also better behaved — and more caring towards others. These aim to • raise self-awareness • educate about the anxiety/anger cycle • ascertain understanding of emotions (both in oneself and other) • understand the changes in the brain before and during crisis • an understanding of the physical feelings during the cycle • educate around the optimal time to use strategies for calming • develop a range of strategies • understand the consequences of choices


Lego therapy


Lego Therapy was originally developed for children with autism but brick building has been and continues to be used therapeutically with children with other social skill difficulties and communication difficulties including language impairment and social use of language. It promotes development of key communication skills, including attention and listening, vocabulary and concept development, sharing, collaboration.


What Are Emotions? (age 4-6yrs)


What are feelings? Happy, sad, anger, surprised and excited. Resources include emotions scales, range of 5 skin tone colour emotions, blank face pages to be laminated and use with playdoh or whiteboard pens. Young people will learn about each emotion, identify how it feels in the body and to link events to the emotions.


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