Birds, Bees and Bumps/Babies

Price will be dependent on class and location

There are lots of baby groups out there but did you know this group is very unique as it’s outside! It is for you to connect to other pregnant mothers to be in the bumps group and then to spend some time outside with your baby in the babies group and meet other new parents. 


Becoming a mum has always been a life-changing time.

Not only have we experienced pregnancy and birth, we can suddenly be experiencing a new life where nothing feels the same anymore.

Our routines change, friends change, conversations change, sleep patterns change…our focus of life completely changes and we miss some of the life before. You are not alone in this feeling and it doesn't mean its wrong. 

We have dealt with the last year of Covid, a winter of lockdowns and increased isolation, I hear the needs of new parents loud and clear….the need for connection, support and safety.

The pandemic closed so many of these opportunities to new mums, and the effect is being severely felt. I have created this group that provides the safety, connection and comfort that new mums need at this time with no judgement and certainly no comparison. 

Rather than being focused solely on the babies, our new Mindful Magic for Mums groups and now the Birds, Bees and Bumps/Babies group focus on the parent attending, with an opportunity to breathe, move, relax and take away some super easy and effective mindfulness tools into your everyday life and best of all outdoors in nature.


We walk, we talk and we just wander and listen to each other. Its about connection to your baby and to each other.

When do we just listen, when do we stand outside and take a breath.


This is your chance.


Its not strenuous, its not that physical, we just walk but its refreshing.


This is an opportunity for you to express yourself, chat to others, bond with your baby, relax and unwind.


It doesn’t matter what the babies do during the sessions because we know how important it is for women to have down-time and social interaction during those early stages of a baby’s life.

Whether this is your first baby or your third, the newborn fourth trimester phase and beyond is unique and exhausting in equal parts.


It might have taken a pandemic for us to realise how important this is, but this is a need that has always been there.

It can depend on where we are meeting whether you need to carry baby or can use a buggy. 


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