Mindful Breastfeeding

Mindful Breastfeeding is to support you and baby. Whether Breastfeeding or Chestfeeding. 

We cover topics such as latch, positioning, relaxation, your environment and support plus much more.

I run sessions at the moment 121 antenatally and postnatally online.

We cover lots in each session and they last an hour, you can book more than one if we need to cover anything over more time.


Helping you to feel calm and connected to your baby through breastfeeding. Mayvbe your previous breastfeeding journey ended before you would have liked or it wasnt what you had expected it to be. 

Mindful breastfeeding was Created by Anna Le Grange, an experienced lactation consultant wanting to make a difference to the practical support that is offered around infant feeding.

Mindful breastfeeding gives parents the tools, guidance and support however you are deciding to feed your baby.

We use individual mindful techniques and evidence based information when supporting families. 

Baby Massage coming soon

I will be shortly offering baby massage sessions in the local area. I also incorporate massage into the mum and baby group sessions I hold. 


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