Adult Sessions

Adult session are

Women's/Mothers Mindfulness sessions, 


These take place online at the moment and are evenings. 

Each session we look at a theme and do some discussion and create around that theme. Sessions follow the pattern of our children's sessions but are adapted to suit. 

Mums and babies

What we do in a session?

Much like our mums sessions these are for mums and babies to come along with your baby (up to sitting) and follow our 5 spells!

Our usual kids session flow through Breathe, Focus, Move, Create and Meditate.

💕Modified for mums & your little ones, we will do some very gentle relaxation movement to begin, to allow our bodies to know when we need to calm and relax.

💕We will move to our breath practice. Many say “why do we need to practice?” We can all breath but by practicing a breath that helps us, our brains and bodies will recognise this as a signal to calm and relax when we need it most.

💕When we choose to focus our minds it doesn’t mean we stop. We can use our focus techniques in every day life to bring us back to the now.

💕Creating is always a fun part, we all have different ways of interpretation. Our create part follows a theme each week followed by an informal discussion around it. If you want to share with the group you can but it’s also ok to take it home and share.

💕Meditate or as I like to say relax! A short script to release those thoughts and connect with baby.

💕throughout the session we incorporate your babies, through the breathing to the relaxation, to help connect, bond and enjoy.

We will be socially distanced, we will be taking all the extra precautions and more.

We will be there to make you feel supported


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