Welcome to Helen Louisa Mind, Body, Family on the Sussex Coast.  

Hi, I am Helen

💕 Supporting you with tools, techniques & a listening ear. 💕
For a positive supported Mental Well Being from pregnancy,

birth & on into early years.

💕 Adult support with mindfulness and activity sessions.

Whether you are a

:Expectant parent looking to prepare for birth
:Parent to a newborn to toddler
:Parent to a child in school years up to Pre teen
:Parent wanting support with mental well-being for you and

your family

There is something here for you, to help you with simple, easy and practical mindfulness techniques for mind, body, family.

💕 Hypnobirthing
💕 Beyond Birth Groups
💕 Mindful Breastfeeding
💕 Postnatal Planning
💕 Starting Solids
💕 Mother Blessings
💕 Women’s/Mums Relaxation Evenings
💕 Mindfulness Sessions 121 or group


NCFE CACHE L2 in Understanding Autism and Young peoples Mental Health.

I am currently going through and updating my website, please bear with me!!

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Testimonial from a client of Beyond Birth, Knowing other people feel the same as you
Testimonial - I only ever thought about the birth not the first few months, this really helped

My partner and I signed up for 8 hours of 1-1 hypnobirthing. We loved the sessions in our home and even the dog would be chilled by the end of the sessions!


I was excited about the birth and felt like it was a challenge I was ready for. When the time finally arrived I played my music, got into the birth pool with pretend candles lit and after just 6 hours of labour and just 3 contractions/pushes my baby was born 8lb6 happy and healthy. The midwives commented on how quickly the labour progressed being my first time and many said I should have the next at home!

It was such a beautiful and happy birth with no screaming, fear or worrying. I look back with so much love and can’t wait to do it again in the future.

Helen was brilliant, like a non judgmental friend, talking through everything in a matter of fact yet humorous way. I would recommend to anyone!